Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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on her right, but in this case the man balances on his left, the lady on her right, the gentleman counting the one-two-three of the waltz with a step, up, down on his left foot; the rhythm is established, and he is off to a perfect start.
On the Western dance floor some waltzers will be seen doing the Spanish waltz from our Southwest, pivoting and changing direction on each first step. That is, the man takes his first step directly to the side and as he puts his foot down he pivots on his toe so that he faces in the opposite
TWO MEASURES First Measure Count 1—Stand facing north, step sidewards or west with the left foot. Count 2—Pivot on the ball of the left foot and swing the right foot clear on beyond, and put it down at a distance. You are now facing south, feet separated. Count 3—Close left foot to right foot.
Second Measure Count 4—Step with right foot to the side—or to the west. Count 5—Pivot on ball of right foot and swing left foot and place it
on beyond. You are now facing north again. Count 6—Close right foot to left foot.
Repeat indefinitely or reverse.
direction. At the same time he has swung his other foot on by and in the same direction as the first step and he then brings his feet together—then he repeats, leading with the other foot. This means that if he is facing south at starting he takes all steps sidewards and to the west and by pivoting alternately faces north, south, north, south, rotating con­tinually as he advances with sideward steps always to the west. It is lovely to watch and fun to do.
Or on our Western dance floor we may see a modern