Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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count until your feet move instinctively. Then with the music repeat it again and again. It is simply an exaggerated waltz, first back on the left and then forward on the right, and thus around and around inside our practice square.
As soon as one becomes familiar with the step, he should accent the first step by holding it a little longer, even while dancing in his square, and thus establish the subtle rhythm of the waltz. He can take his partner in his arms in the regular dance position, and they can both dance in the prac-
First Bar of Music Count 1—Step forward on right foot. Count 2—Take second step on beyond with left foot. Count 3—Close right foot to side of left foot.
Second Bar of Music Count 4—Step forward with left foot. Count 5—Step on beyond with right foot. Count 6—Close left foot to side of right foot.
Repeat over and over indefinitely.
To reverse take steps backward "in reverse order.
tice square, she starting forward on her right as he goes back on his left, arid she going back on her left as he steps forward on his right.
Once the waltz rhythm is established, most experienced dancers can carry on turning and pivoting naturally in a true waltz anywhere over the floor. But less experienced dancers will find it well to practice a forward step after they master the square. Moving in a straight line to music, they step forward on the right, then forward on the left, and then close the right to the left; then forward on the left, and forward on the right, and close the left to the right. Keep on moving forward with a left, right, close; right, left, close; etc., until the end of the hall is reached. Then for practice