Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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four steps back, still facing each other, into place. As they are falling back the call should be so timed that (b) the two lone men start forward four steps. Then as they fall back to place with four more steps, (c) the six (the two side threes) should be moving forward and pass through each other's formation to the opposite side, (d) The two lone men then pass each other and also trade places.
In dancing, it is always customary to pass to the left as they do in English traffic, instead of to the right as they do in modern American traffic. To get a group of beginners in the habit of always passing to the left it is well to advise them to take right hands with the opposite person as they pass. This will assure them of passing correctly to the left. If some pass left while others pass right, the collision and confusion ruins the dance. So take time to teach them always to pass left by touching right hands while passing.
Our figure is now just as it was, except that everyone has traded places with his opposite and is left standing on the wrong side. The last call, therefore, has to be re­peated to put them right.
Forward six and fall back six; Forward two and fall back two; Forward six and pass right through; Forward two and pass right through.
Then continue with:
Swing on the corner Like swinging on the gate, And now your oivn If you're not too late. Now allemande left
(a) (b) (c)
With your left hand And right to your partner And right and left grand. And promenade eight When you come straight.
Remember that each man's corner, or his corner lady, is the lady on his left. So to come out of his figure of sym­metrical three's and one's, each man (a) swings the girl on his left. Then (b) he swings his own partner, or the girl on his right.