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0 Master, let me walk with Thee O Master, when Thou callest . O mother dear, Jerusalem . . O One with God the Father . O Paradise 1 0 Paradise! . . .
O perfect Love, all human tho'ts
O quickly come, dread judge. O render thanks unto the Lord
O Sacred Head, now wounded O Saviour, precious Saviour . O Sion, haste, thy mission nigh O speed thee, Christian, on thy O still in accents sweet and . . Lo Thou, from Whom all. . . K) Thou great Teacher from . 0 Thou, the contrite sinner's. K) Thou, whose own vast temple O Thou, whose tender mercy. O timely happy, timely wise. See New every morning is the love
0 what, if we are Christ's . . 0 what the joy and the glory. 0 where are kings and . . . O where is He that trod the sea O where shall rest be found
O who like Thee, so calm.
See How beauteous were the marks O wondrous type! 0 vision fair
0 word of God incarnate . . Oft in danger, oft in woe . .
Oh, worship the King .... On Jordan's bank the Baptist's On our way rejoicing ....
On the mountain's top . .   .
Once in royal David's city .   .
One holy Church of God. .   .
One sole baptismal sign . .   .
One sweetly solemn thought  .
One there is above all others  .
Onward, Christian soldiers .   .
Open now thy gates of beauty | Our blest Redeemer ere He .
1 Our country's voice is pleading I Our day of praise is done . .
1 Our God, our help in ages past. See O God, our help in ages past Out of the deep I call . . .
Peace, perfect peace .... I Pour out Thy Spirit from on . I Praise, Lord, for Thee in Zion
1 Praise, my soul, the King . . ' Praise the Lord, ye heav'ns .
[ Praise to God, immortal praise
[Praises to Him whose love has
Present with the two or three
Purer yet and purer ....
, Rejoice, rejoice, believers!
363 508 233 5i7 614
210 340
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