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Rev. Charles Wesley
Rev. Horatius Bonar
W. Robertson Martin Luther Rev. A. R. Wolfe Rev. S. Longfellow Rev. H. F. Lyte James Montgomery Rev. S. Longfellow Rev. John Newton William Mason Rev. I. Watts (St. Theodulph 1 Tt. J. M. Neale
Rev. E. Perronet
Rev. Paul Gerhardt
William Cullen Bryant Bp. Thomas Ken Lat. Tr. Rev. F. Pott Bp. C. Wordsworth W. C. Dix Tr. J. M. Neale Anonymous Rev. John Cawood Rev. E. H. Kevin Rev. Isaac Watts
Bp. W. C. Doane
Jane Borthwick
J. Montgomery
Rev. Thomas Scott
Rev. Francis Pott
Rev. J. Stennett F. H. Havergal Rev. John Newton Bp. C. Wordsworth
Rev. J. M. Neale
Tate and Brady Anon.Tr. "0. B; C." William C. Dix
Margaret Mackay
Caroline M. Noel Rev. J. D. Burns
Wm. Hammond
Bp. Thomas Ken Rev. S. Medley Rev. P. Doddridge
J Leominster (1) (Chalvey (2) Highgate Ein Feste Burg Dennis Eastnor Eventide Daleburst Canonbury St. Stephen Langran Martyrdom (Lancashire (1) I College-Chapel (2 ( Coronation (j) I Miles Lane (2) ( All This Night (1) (Stella (2) Lucius
Tallis Eve. Hymn Victory Lux Eoi Alleluia
Alleluia, dul. Car. Germany Arlington Brocklesbury Mirfield
(Ancient of Days (1 | Strength & Stay (2 Hatfield Hall (Regent Square (1) (Minster (2) Easter
(Angel voices (1) \ Angel voices (2) Hebron Aurelia Dalehurst Peterborough (Stephanos (1) ( Bullinger (2) Spohr Innocents Dix
( Ludington (1) (Rest (2) Princethorpe Vesper Hymn (Media (1) ( St. Thomas (2) Morning Hymn Park Street Christmas
L. Mason
G. W. Martin
Rev. L. G. Hayne
F. C. Woods
Martin Luther
Arr.for H.G.Nageli
A. King
W. H. Monk
A. Cottman
R. Schumann
W. Jones
J. Langran
H. Wilson
H. Smart
Rev. A. E. Sharpley
0. Holden
W. Shrubsole
F. C. Maker
H. W. Parker
Fr. Templi Carmina
Alt. fr. T. Tallis
From Palestrina
A. S.Sullivan
S. S. Wesley
E. J. Hopkins
Gardiner's Melodies
Arr. from T. A. Arne
C. A. Barnard
A. Cottman
T. A. Jeffery
Rev. J. B. Dykes
C. Vincent
H. Smart
C. S. Jekyll
Rev. J. B. Dykes
A. S. Sullivan
E. G. Monk
L. Mason
S. S. Wesley
A. Cottman
J. Goss
H. W. Baker
E.  W. Bullinger Arr. fr. L. Spohr Old French Melody Conrad Kocher
W. F. Biddle
W. B. Bradbury
W. Pitts
Arr. J. Stevenson
J. Goss
A. Williams
F.  H. Bartholemon M. A. Venua
G.  F. Handel
A charge to keep I have . .
A few more years shall roll
A little child, the Saviour came A mighty fortress is our God . A parting hymn we sing . . A voice by Jordan's shore . . Abide with me! fast falls . . According to Thy gracious . . Again, as evening's shadow Again our earthly cares we leave Again returns the day of holy Alas! and did my Saviour bleed
All glory, laud, and honor . .
All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name
All my heart this night rejoices
All praise to Him of Nazareth. All praise to Thee, my God . . Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! . Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts and Alleluia, sing to Jesus . . . Alleluia, song of sweetness Almighty Father, bless the Almighty God, Thy word is cast Always with us, always with us Am I a soldier of the cross
Ancient of days who sitteth And is the time approaching . Angels, from the realms of glory Angels, roll the rock away . . Angel voices ever singing . . Another six days' work is done Another year is dawning. . . Approach, my soul, the mercy Arm these Thy soldiers, mighty
Art thou weary, art thou . . As pants the hart for cooling. As the sun doth daily rise . . As with gladness men of old .
Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep. At the name of Jesus .... At Thy feet, our God and Father
Awake, and sing the song . . Awake, my soul, and with . . Awake, my soul, in joyful lays Awake, my soul, stretch every
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