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to the Lord of Misrule (or Abbot as he is some­times called), for several years, " in rewarde for his besynes in Crestenmes holy days, £6. 13*. 4d."
The plays at this festival seem to have been acted by the " gentelmen of the King's Chapell," as there are several liberal payments to certain of them for playing on Twelfth Night: for instance, an entry on January 7th, 23 Henry VII. of a re­ward to five of them of £6. 13*. 4d. for acting before the King on the previous night; but he had a dis­tinct set of players for acting interludes at other times.
In the reign of Henry the Eighth, masques, pageants, and other similar diversions were very much in vogue, and the King himself was a fre­quent performer as well as spectator. The books of account at the Chapter-house afford numerous examples of payments for various purposes at Christmas time during this reign; and many in­teresting extracts may be found in Collier's His­tory of Dramatic Poetry. The payments to the Lord of Misrule, which in Henry the Seventh's time never exceeded £6. 13$. Ad. were raised by Henry the Eighth in his first year to £8. 6s. Sd. and subsequently to £15. 6s. Sd.
Some of the entertainments were of a sumptuous nature: in the 1st year is a payment to "Rob. Amadas vpon his bill for certen plate of gold stuf bought of him for the disguisings," £451. 12*. 2d.; and another to "Willm Buttry vpon his bill for certen sylks bought of him for the disguysings," £133. 7s. 5d.
In the 6th year are charges " To Leonard Fris-cobald for diverse velvets, and other sylks, for the disguysing," £247. 12s. 7d; and "To Richard Gybson for certen apparell, &c. for the disguysing at the fest of Cristemes last," £137. 14*. \d. Con-

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