Traditional Christian Music

Contents 3

Consolidated Index To Titles And First Lines of Hymns Contained
In Sacred Songs And Solos, new Hymns And Solos, And The Christian Choir.

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More about Jesus would I know.
More and More !.
More and more the weight of glory.
More holiness give me.
More love to Thee, O Christ.
More than Tongue can Tell.
More to Follow.
Morning Land, The.
Mourner, wheresoe'er thou art.
Murmuring Stream.
Must I go, and empty-handed?
Must Jesus bear the cross alone?
My Ain Countrie.
my all is on the altar.
My faith looks up to Thee.
My Father Knoweth.
My Father Knows.
My Father is rich in houses and lands.
My glorious Victor, Prince Divine.
My God, I have found the thrice-blessed ground.
My God, is any hour so sweet?
My God, my Father, while I stray.
My heart is resting, O my God.
My heavenly home is bright and fair.
My Hiding-Place.
My High Tower.
My hope is built on nothing less.
My Jesus, as Thou wilt !.
My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine.
My latest sun is sinking fast.
My life flows on in endless song.
My life, my love, I give to Thee.
My Mother's Prayer.
My Prayer.
My redeemer.
My Rest !.
My Rock !.
My Saviour !.
My Saviour, oh, what glories shine.
My Saviour tells me so!.
My Saviour, Thou hast offered rest.
My song shall be of Jesus.
My soul at last a rest hath found.
My soul, be on thy guard !.
My soul has found abiding rest.
My soul in sad exile was out on life's sea.
My soul, weigh not thy life.
My spirit, soul, and body, Jesus, I give to Thee.
My times are in Thy hand.
NARROW and Strait.
Near the Cross.
Nearer, blessed Jesus.
Nearer, my God, to Thee.
"Nearer the Cross !•" my heart can say.
Neither do I condemn thee !.
Never say Good-bye.
Never shone a light so fair !.
New Name, The.
New Song, The.
New Year, The.
Night has fallen on the city.
Ninety and Nine, The.
"No condemnation !"O my soul.
No other Name.
No shadows yonder, all light and song.
None but Christ can Satisfy!.
Not all the blood of beasts.
Not far, not far from the kingdom.
Not now, but in the coming years.
Not now, my child !.
Not saved are we by trying.
Nothing but leaves ! the Spirit grieves.
Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.
Nothing, either great or small.
Now just a word for Jesus.
Now let my soul, eternal King.
Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh.
O BANNER of Jesus, in triumph advancing.
Beautiful Home !.
O blessed Friend, abide with me.
O Blessed Lord, I Come !.
O brother, life's journey beginning.
O Child of God, wait patiently.
O Christ, in Thee my soul hath found.
O Christ, what burdens bowed Thy head !.
O Church of Christ, behold at last.____.„.
O day of rest and gladness.
O daughter, take good heed.
O eyes that are weary and Hearts that are sore.
O God of Bethel! by whose hand.
O God, our help in ages past.
O Jesus, I have promised.
O Jesus, Saviour, hear my call.
O Lamb of God, still keep me.
O land of rest, for thee I sigh I.
O Light of light, shine in !.
O little town of Bethlehem.
O Lord, my soul rejoiceth in Thee.
O Lord, Thy work revive, in Zion's gloomy hour.
O Love that passeth knowledge.
O my Saviour, hear me, draw me close to Thee.
O Rock of Ages !.
O Sacred Plead, once wounded !.
O Saviour, I am blind ! lead Thou my way.
O Saviour, precious Saviour.
O soul, tossed on the billows.
O souls afar on the wilds of sin.
O spirit, o'erwhelmed by thy failures.
O Thou God, who hearest prayer.
O thou, my soul, bless God the Lord ! (Chant).
O thou, my soul, bless God the {McGranahan).
O Thou that hearest prayer !.
O Thou to whom we pray.
O wanderer from thy Father's house.
O wandering souls, why will you roam?
O watchman on the mountain height.
O weary heart, there is a home.
O weary pilgrim, lift your head.
O word, of words the sweetest.
Of Him who left His home above.
Oft in sad perplexity we wander ;.
Oft in sorrow, oft in woe.
Oh, be Saved !.
Oh, blessed home, where those who meet.
Oh, bliss of the purified, bliss of the free.
Oh, Build upon the Rock !.
Oh cease, my wandering soul.
Oh come, all ye faithful, joyfully triumphant.
Oh, Come and Sing His Praises.
Oh come, sinner, come ! 'tis mercy's call.
Oh, Come to Me !.
Oh, come to the Saviour, believe in His.
Oh, could I speak the matchless worth.
Oh crown of rejoicing that's waiting for me.
Oh, do not let the Word depart.
Oh for a faith that will not shrink..
Oh for a heart to praise my God.
Oh for a thousand tongues to sing.
Oh for the peace that floweth as a river.
Oh, Give me Rest from Self.
Oh, give thanks unto the Lord (P. P. Bliss).
Oh, give thanks unto the Lord {M. A. Sea).
Oh, Glad and Glorious Gospel !.
Oh Glorious Fountain !.
Oh, glorious hope of perfect love !.
Oh golden day, oh day of God.
Oh happy day, that fixed my choice !.
Oh, happy is the man who hears.
Oh, hear my cry, be gracious now to me.
Oh, hear the joyful message.
Oh, help me tell the story.
Oh, how He Loves!.
Oh, how sweet when we mingle.•.
Oh, Jerusalem, the golden ! city bright and fair.
Oh, joyful life, to live for God.
Oh, Land of the blessed ! thy shadowless.
Oh, list to the voice of the Prophet.
Oh, list to the watchman crying.
Oh, Paradise !.
Oh, precious heavenly knowledge.
Oh, precious words that Jesus said.'.
Oh, render thanks to God above.
Oh, safe to the Rock that is higher than I.
Oh, scatter seeds of loving deeds.
Oh, serve the Lord with gladness.
Oh, shall I be among that throng?
Oh, sing a new song to the Lord.
Oh, Sing of His Mighty Love.
Oh, sing of Jesus, Lamb of God.
Oh, sometimes the shadows are deep.
Oh, spread the tidings round.
Oh, strong to save and bless !.
Oh, sweet and blessed secret.
Oh, taste and see that God is good.
Oh, tender and sweet was the Master's voice.
Oh, thank the Lord, the Lord of love !.
Oh, the best Friend to have is Jesus !.
Oh, the bitter shame and sorrow.S i
Oh, the bitter pain and sorrow.
Oh, the clanging bells of Time !.
Oh, the Crown, the Glory-Crown.
Oh, the tender beseechings of Jesus !.•.%.
Oh, think of the home over there !.
Oh to be nothing, nothing !.
Oh to be over yonder !.
Oh, turn ye ! oh, turn ye !.
Oh, what a Saviour!.
Oh, what a Saviour, that He died for me !.
Oh, what are you going to do, brother?
Oh, what fellowship ! oh, what joy!.
Oh, what is whiter than the snow?
Oh, what, my brother, have you to gain?
Oh, what shall I do to be saved?
Oh, what will you do with Jesus?
Oh, when shall I sweep through the gates?
Oh, where are the reapers?
Oh, who is this that cometh?
Oh, wonderful, wonderful Word of the Lord !.
Oh, wondrous Name, by prophets heard.
Oh, worship the King, all glorious above!.
Oh, Would you be Ready?
On Calvary's brow my Saviour died.
On Jordan's stormy banks I stand.
On Life's Raging Billow.
On that bright and golden morning.
On the Cross.
On the mountain's top appearing.
On the Resurrection morning.
On Thee my heart is resting !.
On what foundation do you build?
Once again the Gospel message.
Once for All.
Once I was dead in sin.
Once it was the blessing, now it is the Lord.
Once more, my soul, thy Saviour.
"One as much as another "..
One by one we cross the river.
One more day's work for Jesus.
One offer of salvation to all the world made known.
One sweetly solemn thought.
One there is above all others.
One there is who loves thee.
Only a beam of sunshine.
Only a few more years, only a few more._.

Only a Little Way.
Only a little while of walking with weary feet.
Only a little word, softly and kindly.
Only a look from my Saviour.
Only a step to Jesus.
Only an armour-bearer, firmly I stand.
Only for Thee !.
Only Jesus feels and knows all the weight of.
Only Remembered.
Only Trust Him !.
Only waiting till the shadows.
Onward, Christian soldiers !.
Onward Go !.-.'.
Onward, O Junior Endeavourers.
Onward, soldiers 1 onward to-day !.
Onward, upward, Christian soldier !.
Onward, upward, homeward.
Oppressed by noonday's scorching heat.
Other Side, The.•.
Our Christian Band.
Our Father, bless the bounteous store.:¦,
Our Father, who art in Heaven.
Our Fatherland, thy name so dear.
Our Junior Band is marching on.
Our lamps are trimmed and burning.
Our life is like a stormy sea.
Our Lord is now rejected.
Our Pledge.
Our Refuge.
Our Saviour King.
Our Truest Friend.
Our willing service, Lord, to Thee.
Out in the desert, seeking, seeking.
Out of Darkness into Light.
Out of my bondage, sorrow, and night.
Out of the Ark.
Out on the mountain, sad and forsaken.
Out on the ocean all boundless we ride.
Over hill and lofty mountain.
Over the Line!..
Over the river ! oh, what is there?
Over the river they call me.
Over the thorn and thistle.
PALACE o' the King, The.
Palace of the King, The.
Pardon, Peace, and Power.
Pass along the invitation.
Pass it On !.
Pass me not, O gentle Saviour !.
Paul and Silas.
Peace ! be Still !.
Peace of God, The.
Peace, Peace is Mine !.
Peace, perfect peace !.S 730
Pearl of Greatest Price, The.
Perfect Love.
perfect peace.
Praise and Magnify our King !.
Praise be to Jesus, His mercy is free.
Praise Him all the Time.
Praise Him More and More.
Praise Him ! praise Him ! Jesus our.
Praise, my soul, the King of heaven.
Praise our Creator and Saviour eternal.
Praise the King of Glory.
Praise the Rock of our Salvation.
Praise the Saviour, ye who know Him.
Praise waits for Thee in Zion, Lord.
Pray, brethren, pray ! The sands are falling.
Preach the Gospel, sound it forth !.
Precious Blood, The.
Precious Name, The.
Precious promise God hath given.
Precious Saviour, I will praise Thee.
Precious Saviour, may I live only for Thee.
Precious thought my Father knoweth.
Press on, press on, O pilgrim.
Press onward, press onward.
pressing on.
Prince of Peace, The.
Proclaim the glad tidings o'er mountain and plain
Prodigal Child, The..
Prodigal's Return, The.
Promised Presence, The..
QUIET, Lord, my froward heart.
Redeemed by Christ, who died for me.
Redeemed from death, redeemed from sin.
Redemption Ground.
Redemption ! oh, wonderful story.
Rejoice, and be glad !.
Rejoice in the Lord !.
Rejoice in the Lord ! Oh, let His mercy cheer.
Rejoice, rejoice, believer ! and let thy joy.
Rejoice ! rejoice ! our King is coming.
Rejoice, rejoice, ye saints, rejoice !.
Rejoice ! the Lord is King !.
remember me !.
remember me, O mighty one !.
Renounce the Cup!.
Repeat the story o'er and o'er.
Rescue the perishing, care for the dying.
Rest in the Lord.
Rest, Quiet Rest.
Resting in God.
Resting in the Everlasting Arms.
Resting on the faithfulness of Christ.
resurrection morn, the.
Return, O wanderer, now return.
Revive Thy work, O Lord !.
Ride on ! ride on in majesty !.
Rifted Rock, The.
Ring the bells of heaven !.
Rise, ye children of salvation.
Rock of Ages, cleft for me (Hastings).
Rock of Ages, cleft for me (Quartett).
Rock of Ages, cleft for me {Redhead, 76).
Rock of Ages, cleft for me (Excell).
Rock of my Refuge, The.
Rock that is Higher than I, The.
Rolling downward through the midnight.
Room for Jesus.
Room for Thee !.
SAD and weary with my longing.
Safe home, safe home in port.
Safe in the arms of Jesus.
Safe within the Vail.
Safely through another week.
Sail in the Light.
Salvation ! oh, the joyful sound !..
Save me at the Cross !.
Saved by Grace.
Saved to Serve.
Saviour, again to Thy dear name we raise.
Saviour, breathe an evening blessing.
Saviour ! I follow on, guided by Thee.
Saviour, lead me, lest I stray.
Saviour, like a Shepherd lead us.
Saviour, more than life to me.
Saviour ! Thy dying love Thou gavest me.
Saviour, who Thy flock art feeding.
Say, are you Ready?
Say, is your lamp burning, my brother?
Say, watchman, what of the night?
Say, where is thy refuge, my brother?
Scatter Seeds of Kindness.
Scatter Sunshine.
Search me, O Lord, and try this heart.
See th' eternal Judge descending.
See the gentle Shepherd standing.
Seeds of Promise.
Seeking for me !.
Seeking.for the Lost.
Seeking the lost, yes, kindly entreating.
Seeking to Save.
Send the Light.
"Serve the Lord with Gladness".
Shades of Evening, The.
Shadow of the Rock, The.
Shall I be among that Throng?
Shall I let Him in?
Shall we all meet at home in the morning?
Shall we gather at the river?
Shall we meet beyond the river?
Shall you? Shall I?
She only touched the hem of His garment.
Shine on, O Star of beauty !.
Shining for Jesus.
Ship of Temperance, The.
Should the death angel knock.
Show me Thy face one transient gleam.
Show pity, Lord ; O Lord, forgive !.
"Showers of Blessing".
Silently the shades of evening.
Simply trusting every day.
Sin in the Camp.
Sin no more ! thy soul is free.'.
Since I found my Saviour.
Since thy Father's arm sustains thee.
Sing on, ye joyful pilgrims.
Sing them over again to me.
Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of His.
Singing with Grace to the Lord.
sinner and the song, the.
Sinner Forgiven, A.
Sinner, how thy heart is troubled !.
sinner LIKE ME, A.
Sinners Jesus will receive.S 477;
Sit down beneath His shadow.
Sitting by the gateway of a palace fair.
Sitting by the wayside, sinful, weak, and blind.
Sleep on, beloved, sleep, and take thy rest S 528 ;
Sleeper, Awake !.
Smitten Rock. The.
So near to the Kingdom ! yet what dost thou.
Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling.
Softly on the breath of evening.
Soldiers of the King.
Solid Rock, The.
Some are sowing their seed in the dawn light fair.
Some day, but when I cannot tell.
Some day the silver cord will break.
"Some day,"we say, and turn our eyes.
Some one will enter the pearly gate.