The English And Scottish Popular Ballads


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223A: Epie Morrie

223A.1	 FOUR-AND-TWENTY Highland men
	 Came a' from Carrie side
	 To steal awa Eppie Morrie,
	 Cause she would not be a bride.
223A.2	 Out it's came her mother,
	 It was a moonlight night,
	 She could not see her daughter,
	 Their swords they shin'd so bright.
223A.3	 'Haud far awa frae me, mother,
	 Haud far awa frae me;
	 There's not a man in a' Strathdon
	 Shall wedded be with me.'
223A.4	 They have taken Eppie Morrie,
	 And horse back bound her on,
	 And then awa to the Minister,
	 As fast as horse could gang.
223A.5	 He's taken out a pistol,
	 And set it to the minister's breast:
	 'Marry me, marry me, minister,
	 Or else I'll be your priest.'
223A.6	 'Haud far awa frae me, good sir,
	 Haud far awa frae me;
	 For there's not a man in all Strathdon
	 That shall married be with me.'
223A.7	 'Haud far awa frae me, Willie,
	 Haud far awa frae me;
	 For I darna avow to marry you,
	 Except she's as willing as ye.'
223A.8	 They have taken Eppie Morrie,
	 Since better could nae be,
	 And they're awa to Carrie side,
	 As fast as horse could flee.
223A.9	 When mass was sung, and bells were rung,
	 And all were bound for bed,
	 Then Willie an Eppie Morrie
	 In one bed they were laid.
223A.10	 'Haud far awa frae me, Willie,
	 Haud far awa frae me;
	 Before I'll lose my maidenhead,
	 I'll try my strength with thee.'
223A.11	 She took the cap from off her head
	 And threw it to the way;
	 Said, Ere I lose my maidenhead,
	 I'll fight with you till day.
223A.12	 Then early in the morning,
	 Before her clothes were on,
	 In came the maiden of Scalletter,
	 Gown and shirt alone.
223A.13	 'Get up, get up, young woman,
	 And drink the wine wi me;'
	 'You might have called me maiden,
	 I'm sure as leal as thee.'
223A.14	 'Wally fa you, Willie,
	 That ye could nae prove a man
	 And taen the lassie's maidenhead!
	 She would have hired your han.'
223A.15	 'Haud far awa frae me, lady,
	 Haud far awa frae me;
	 There's not a man in a' Strathdon
	 The day shall wed wi me.'
223A.16	 Soon in there came Belbordlane,
	 With a pistol on every side:
	 'Come awa hame, Eppie Morrie,
	 And there you'll be my bride.'
223A.17	 'Go get to me a horse, Willie,
	 And get it like a man,
	 And send me back to my mother
	 A maiden as I cam.
223A.18	 'The sun shines oer the westlin hills;
	 By the light lamp of the moon,
	 Just saddle your horse, young John Forsyth,
	 And whistle, and I'll come soon.'

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