The English And Scottish Popular Ballads


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150A: Robin Hood and Maid Marian

150A.1	 A BONNY fine maid of a noble degree,
	 With a hey down down a down down
	 Maid Marian calld by name,
	 Did live in the North, of excellent worth,
	 For she was a gallant dame.
150A.2	 For favour and face, and beauty most rare,
	 Queen Hellen shee did excell;
	 For Marian then was praisd of all men
	 That did in the country dwell.
150A.3	 'Twas neither Rosamond nor Jane Shore,
	 Whose beauty was clear and bright,
	 That could surpass this country lass,
	 Beloved of lord and knight.
150A.4	 The Earl of Huntington, nobly born,
	 That came of noble blood,
	 To Marian went, with a good intent,
	 By the name of Robin Hood.
150A.5	 With kisses sweet their red lips meet,
	 For shee and the earl did agree;
	 In every place, they kindly imbrace,
	 With love and sweet unity.
150A.6	 But fortune bearing these lovers a spight,
	 That soon they were forced to part,
	 To the merry green wood then went Robin Hood,
	 With a sad and sorrowfull heart.
150A.7	 And Marian, poor soul, was troubled in mind,
	 For the absence of her friend;
	 With finger in eye, shee often did cry,
	 And his person did much commend.
150A.8	 Perplexed and vexed, and troubled in mind,
	 Shee drest her self like a page,
	 And ranged the wood to find Robin Hood,
	 The bravest of men in that age.
150A.9	 With quiver and bow, sword, buckler, and all,
	 Thus armed was Marian most bold,
	 Still wandering about to find Robin  out,
	 Whose person was better then gold.
150A.10	 But Robin Hood, hee himself had disguisd,
	 And Marian was strangly attir'd,
	 That they provd foes, and so fell to blowes,
	 Whose vallour bold Robin admir'd.
150A.11	 They drew out their swords, and to cutting they went,
	 At least an hour or more,
	 That the blood ran apace from bold Robins face,
	 And Marian was wounded sore.
150A.12	 'O hold thy hand, hold thy hand,' said Robin Hood,
	 'And thou shalt be one of my string,
	 To range in the wood with bold Robin Hood,
	 To hear the sweet  nightingall sing.'
150A.13	 When Marian did hear the voice of her love,
	 Her self shee did quickly discover,
	 And with kisses sweet she did him greet,
	 Like to a most loyall lover.
150A.14	 When bold Robin Hood his Marian did see,
	 Good lord, what clipping was there!
	 With kind imbraces, and jobbing of faces,
	 Providing of gallant cheer.
150A.15	 For Little John took his bow in his hand,
	 And wandring in the wood,
	 To kill the deer, and make good chear,
	 For Marian and Robin Hood.
150A.16	 A stately banquet the[y] had full soon,
	 All in a shaded bower,
	 Where venison sweet they had to eat,
	 And were merry that present hour.
150A.17	 Great flaggons of wine were set on the board,
	 And merrily they drunk round
	 Their boules of sack, to strengthen the back,
	 Whilst their knees did touch the ground.
150A.18	 First Robin Hood began a health
	 To Marian his onely dear,
	 And his yeomen all, both comly and tall,
	 Did quickly bring up the rear.
150A.19	 For in a brave veine they tost off the[ir] bouls,
	 Whilst thus they did remain,
	 And every cup, as they drunk up,
	 They filled with speed again.
150A.20	 At last they ended their merryment,
	 And went to walk in the wood,
	 Where Little John and Maid Marian
	 Attended on bold Robin Hood.
150A.21	 In sollid content together they livd,
	 With all their yeomen gay;
	 They livd by their hands, without any lands,
	 And so they did many a day.
150A.22	 But now to conclude, an end I will make
	 In time, as I think it good,
	 For the people that dwell in the North can tell
	 Of Marian and bold Robin Hood.

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