Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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302                                     GLOSSARY.
weloo, interjection of grief.
we'se, we shall or will.
wha's auoht, who is it owns t
■whang, slice.
whereas, where thai, where.
white moneye, silver.
whoard, hoard, keep.
whorles and spindles, 101, " instruments used in Scot-land for spinning instead of spinning-wheels." Percy.
wicht, wight, creature.
wiel, wield.
wight, quick.
will, uncertain how to proceed, distracted.
win, go.
winna, will not.
winsome, gay, comely, pleasĀ­ant.
withouttin, without.
witted, 195, endowed with wit t
wo, woo, sad.
wobs, webs.
woir, worse.
wood, frantic
wow, woe.
wow, vow; exclamation of
admiration, woweir, wooer, suitor. wraik, wreck. wrest and wrang, 113, writhed
and twisted. wryth away, put aside. Wynne, joy. wynnit, dwelt. wyspys, wisps. wyte, blame. wyte, for wot, know.
yates, gates.
ycha, every.
yeersel, yourself.
yeid, went.
ye'se, you shall or wiU.
yestreen, yesterday.
yetts, gates.
ying, young.
yirne, curdle.
ze, ye. zede, went. zet, yet. zong, young.