Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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vulgarly a supple," Percy:
swingle. swynkers, laborers. syde, long. syne, then.
tald, told.
tee, too.
teene, sorrow, suffering.
tent, 68, "a kind of Alicant,
a general name for Spanish
wines, except white." Hal-
liwell. tha, then. than, then. thannes, thence. thee, thrwe. then, than.
think lang, suffer from ennui. thir, these. tho, then. thouz, though. thrang, close. thristing, thirsting. thristlecook, throstle, thrush. thrustand, thrusting, pressing. tide, time. tint, lost. tittles and tattles, "clots of
dirt such as hang on a cow's
tail." to-brast, burst in pieces. to-claterde, 111, beaten in
(with noise) ? to-flaterde, 111, broken to
pieces f tokynyng, 107, token, sign. tolbooth, prison. tone, taken.
trestly, truly, confidentyh trippande, tripping. tryst, an appointment to meet; to make such an appointment. tuggut, tugged. twatling, 43, small, piddling. twine, part (from).
unhappy, 42, ill-conditioned.
unlusum, unlovely, revolting; was his likame dicht, 150, unlovely was the condition into which his body was brought.
up, upon; upon lofte, on high.
verrey, very, true. vow, exclamation of admira­tion.
wa', wall. wad, would. wad, wager. waft, weft, woof. wale, choose. wallow't, became pale. wame, belly, stomach. wan, 91, come, got. war, worse. ware, aware. waryd, cursed. wat, know.
wearifu', causing pain or trou­ble. wede, dress.
weel-faurd, well-favored, fair. weet, know. weir, war. weir, 149, were.