Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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fa', fall, befall.
fain, glad, pleased, enamored.
fairheid, beauty.
fald, 148, fold, embrace,
falle, fell.
fancy, love,
fand, found.
fang, grasp (and carry off).
fannes, 111, winnowing fans.
fare, go.
fauld, fold.
fay, faith.
fecht, fight.
feckless, 282, poor, miserable.
fee, property.
feind fall, the devil take.
fel, 102, 111, many. (?)
fell, hide.
fere, mate.
ferly, wonder, miracle; won­derfully.
fet, fetched.
ffor, 105, from, against.
firm, 199, first? Qy. corrupt?
firstae, first one, first.
fitted, 195, disposed f
flatred, flattened, brokenf
fleechin, wheedling.
fleet, flute.
fiirry, blossom.
fold, 148, ground, world.
fole, /aff.
fond, foolish.
forbye, over and above.
forfend, forbid.
forfozt, worn out with fight­ing.
forrow, before.
tow, full.
fowkyn, crepitus ventris. Per­cy. fre, free, noble. freke, man, fellow. fullily, foully. fusome, fulsome.
ga. 90-
ga', gall.
gaberlunzie, a wallet f gaber-lunzie-man, a man that car­ries a wallet, beggar.
gabs, mouths.
gadlyngs, idle lads.
gait, path, way.
gane, gone.
gappe, 106, entrance of the lists.
gar, cause, make.
gaun, going.
gear, geere, property.
gedurt, gathered.
gife, gin, if.
gip, 153, like gup, get up, be off, <fc.
gled, kite.
gloamin', twilight.
gloom, frown.
goud, gold.
gowt, 108, v. 109, MS. Harl., should perhaps be, " yf J have," &c.
grate, scratch.
grayat, cravat.
graythid, made ready.
gre, 105, prize.
greave, manager of a farm.
grit, great.
gudefather, father-in-law.