Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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beur, bore.
big, 279, cultivate.
bigly, spacious, commodious.
bill, bull.
bill, halbert.
birk, birch.
birled,^x>ura?OKi drink, drank.
blanne, stopped.
bledoch, buttermilk.
blink, smile; blinkit, 95, looked kindly.
bolles, bowls.
borrow, borrowit, ransom, ran­somed.
bot and, but also.
boud, 264, behoved, must needs.
bouks, bodies.
boar, bower, chamber, dwell­ing.
bowne, ready.
brast, burst.
brat, cloth.
bra', braw, brave, handsome; braw wallie, fair fortune, exclamation of pleasure or admiration.
brayn-pannes, skulls.
bred, breed.
bree, soup, broth.
brenning, burning ; brenyng drake, fire-drake, fiery dra­gon.
brest, burst.
bricht, the, 149, the fair one.
brode-hen, 105, brood-hen, sit­ting-hen T
brodit, pierced.
brok, bruik, bruke, have pos­session of, enjoy, keep.
bruchty, spotted, or streaked with dirt; bracket yowe, 140, speckled ewe.
brunt, burnt.
bur, bore.
burne, brook.
buskit, dressed.
but and ben, out and in.
ca'd, called; 16, driven.
cadgily, merrily.
can, could, used as auxiliaries to form the perfect and plu­perfect tenses.
cannilie, softly.
cantels, pieces.
caDty, merry.
capull, horse.
carle, fellow.
carpe, to talk, discourse, tell stories.
casey, causeway.
caud, called.
cauk, chalk.
chappit, tapped, knocked.
cheape, bargain.
chefe, cheveron, upper part of the escutcheon.
chiel, young man, servant.
childer-gamme, children's game.
choice, choose.
Christendye, Christendom.
claise, clothes.
dead, clad.
cleikit, caught.
cleir, bright.
clenkyng, clinking.
coffer, head-dress, cap.