Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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Gy Figures placed after wo they
denote the pages in which
aboon, above.
abye, pay a penalty for, suf­fer.
ae, one.
a-fit, afoot.
ahin, ahint, behind, besides.
aim, iron.
anceane, ancient, aged.
ane, 148?
aneath, beneath.
angel, a coin worth from 6s. Bd. to 10s.
aninder, under.
anis, onoe.
aquoy, coy, averse.
a-rowe, in a row.
assy-pan, 140, ash-pan.
astonyd, confounded.
athir, either.
atweel, well, very well.
atween, between.
avow, vow.
aw, aU.
ayont, beyond, on the other side of
ban'd, execrated.
bandoun, 150, captivity.
barker, tanner, from the bark used in his business.
barrow-hogge, 47, a gelded hog.
battes, cudgels, or blows.
bauld, 117, bold, self-compla­cent.
bayarde, bay-horse, horse in general: "blind Bayard" was a proverb.
be, by.
bede, 105, put forward, offer.
behuvit, behoved, must.
beik, 117, warm.
ben, bend, in.
bent, coarse grass, field.
berry, 285, corrupt ?
besene, wel, appearing well, weU dressed, $c. t
bet, beat.
bet, belter.
beth, both.
betrasit, betrayed.