Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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stonr, stowre, (turmoil of) fight.
straiks, strokes.
stynttyde, stopped.
styrande, 6, see note: accord­ing to Percy's reading, driving the deer from their retreats; but adopting Motherwell's, prancing, spirited.
suar, 35, 88, sure, trusty.
suthe, true.
swakked, 23, swapped, swapte, 15, 21, 36, struck, smote.
swat, sweat.
sweirand, swearing.
sworne into my bille, 95, " / have delivered a promise m writing, confirmed by an oath." Percy.
syne, since, then, afterward.
tackes, takes.
tald, 227, tattt
talent, 310, seems to be used
for property in general, tear, 42, possibly the same
as dere, injury. teene, tene, injury. tenne, taken. tent, heed. the, thee, they. thi, the.
thir, these, those. thought long, found the time
drag. thrang, throng. thraw, twist.
thrysse, thrice.
thnds, 169, sound of blows, noises, strokes.
tinkler, played the, 161, play­ed the coward.
tint, lost.
tockin, token.
ton, tone, the, the one.
tooke, 39; supply an omitted word, as " rest."
toom, empty.
top-castle, 62, a kind of tur­ret built round the mast-head.
topsail, to cast, a kind of salute.
tre-trip for hay, 131; tray-trip was a game at dice.
tree, 226, spear-shaft t cudgel t
trews, 155, Highland panta­loons, consisting of breeches and stockings in one piece; here used for Highlanders.
trone, US, pillory.
trows, 156. see trews.
touk, tuick, beat.
tyll, to.
tyne, lose.
uds-doyns, an oath, uncouth, unknown. uttermost, outmost.
valziant, valiant. verament, truly. vow, 169, exclamation of ad­miration or surprise. vowit, vowed.
wae, sad, sorry.