Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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324                               GLOSSARY.
filabeg, kilt, or short petticoat, worn by Highlanders instead of breeches.
firstin, first.
fit, song, division of a song, story.
flegs, frights.
flinders, fragments.
flyte, scold, remonstrate; 95, rally.
forder, further.
forefend, forbid.
forgatherit, met together.
forwarde, van.
fou, full.
fonrugh, see fnrich.
frame, 133, succeed.
freck, freke, freyke (A. S. one who is bold) warrior, man.
fun', found.
furich, furichinish, Gaelic: fuirich means wait, stop: fearach is an old Irish war-cry. " Fy, furich, Whigs, awa'! " was a Jacobite pipe air, says Chambers.
free, frie, noble; 20, of metal, precious (?)
gade, went.
galliards, quick and lively
dances. gare, gore. See Glossary to
vol. 2. garre, make; gart, garde,
made. gate, way. geed, went.
geere, 64, business, affair.
gettyng, 9, plunder.
gled, gladden.
glede, live coal
glent, glanced, passed swiftly.
gloamin', dusk, night-faU.
glove, 121 j to claim a glove worn as a lady's favor, was a form of challenge,—which is perhaps the reference here.
graif, grave.
graithed, grathed, prepared, dressed, armed; 183, laid, or laid out.
gree, bear the, bore the palm.
gresse, grass.
grevis, groves, bushes.
grite, weep.
grysely, dreadfully.
guide, good.
habershoune, coat of mail.
hach-borde, 60, 63, 68, (MS. has in one place, " arch-borde,") seems to be used for the side of the skip.
hitched, inlaid or gilded.
hagbntis, a kind of muskets.
halehed, greeted.
hale, whole.
hard, heard.
harneis, armor.
haryed, plundered.
haws, low grounds on the bor­der of a river.
haylde, hauled.
haylle, 10, healthy.
he, high.