Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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corpes, 287, living body.
cors, curse.
corynoch, lamentation for the
dead. cowde dye, 16, did die; see
can. crouse, 169, brisk, brave. crowdie, gruel, porridge. cryand, crying.
daft, mad.
dandering, an epithet express­ing the noise of drums, like tantara, p. 124.
de, die: deid, dead, death.
decay, destruction, death.
dee, do.
deemedst, doomedst.
demean, punish, put down.
deputed, 103, used of a fugi­tive carried bach for trial.
diel, devil.
dight, dicht; 61, furnished; 37, 189, to deth, "done," wounded; 22, dispose of,han­dle, encounter.
ding, pr. dung, strike, knock, beat, overcome.
dinne, noise.
discord, quarrel.
doghtie, doughty.
door, 154? dorlach, which Jamieson says is a short-sword, means a wallet
douted, redoubtable, feared.
doutsum, doubtful.
drede, doubt.
dre, drye, endure, bear; drie, 98, as noun, suffering.
dulesum, doleful.
dunted, beat.
durk, dirk.
dyne, garre, 10, give one his
fill °f fighting. dyne, 228, valley. dynte, Mow, stroke.
eathe, easy. ee, eye.
edicang, aide-de-camp. erne, uncle. endlongis, along. enewch, enough. ensenzie, enzie, ensign. envye (to do), ill-will, injury. ewill, 229; qy, eve, or vigil ?
fa!, fall; 162, share, portion.
fach, fetch.
fallows, fellows, equals.
fay, 219, on the verge of death,
doomed. fayne, glad. feale, fail. fearit, feared. (fecht, fight, fee, property, reward. feck, maist, greatest part. feid, feud, enmity. feingit, feigned. feirdness, cowardice. fell, hide.
fells, hills, also, moors.' fend, keep, support. fett, fetched.
fiery-fairy, confusion and con­sternation.