Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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KP" Figures placed after words denote the pages in which they occur.
abien, aboun, above.-
aboyding, abiding.
accompany, 308, keep the com­pany of.
ae, one.
affected, enamored.
all and sam, all and several, one and aU.
allangst, 182, along.
ancyents, 63, ensigns.
anent, over against.
aneughe, enough.
aras, arrows.
arminge-sword, a two-handed sword.
austerne, 99, austere.
avowe, vow.
awin, own.
bade, abode.
bald, bold.
bale, torrow; ballys bete, 42,
better, amend, oar evils. buwloun, command, orders.
VOL. VII.                      21
banket, banquet.
barne, (A. Sax. beorn,) chief, man.
basnites, bassonetts, helmets.
battellis, 225, divisions of the army, or, the armies.
be, by, at, by the time that.
bearing arrow, 65, " an arrow that carries well:" Per­cy, who also suggests birr­ing, i, e. whirring, whizzing. See Boucher's Glossary.
bed, 224, 229, abode, remained.
bedeen, 265, in numbers, one after another t
beild, shelter; 224, position of safety.
ben, in.
bende-bow, bent bow.
bended, 182, bounded t
bent, coarse grass, ground on which this grass grows, field.
berne (A. Sax. beorn), chief, man.
ber, bare.