Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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294                               GLOSSARY.
trepan'd, 180, fouUy dealt with.
trew, trust.
tryst, meeting.
tu-brugge, draw-bridge.
tul, to.
twa-fald, 15, two-fold, i. e. with
his body hanging down both
sides. twa-some, couple. twined, parted.
uch, each.
unkensome, not to be recog­nized.
nnthought lang, hold, keep from, growing weary.'
upgive, 34, acknowledge.
villiche, vilely. vor, for. Vrenshe, French. vyhte, fighting. vylte\ disgrace.
wad, would.
wad, 225, wager, forfeit.
Waleis, Wallace.
wally fa', 262, ill luck befall.
wan, pale, dark, black.
wan, reached.
wap, tie round.
waran, guaranty.
ware, 111, lay out, use.
ware, 272, (Ang. S. were,
capitis wstimatio) ransom,
life-money. wark, work. warrand, protection. wat, know.
wat, wet.
waur, worse.
way, to the, 262, away t
wear, guard.
webbes, weavers.
wed, 247, qy. corrupt ?
weht, what.
weel-fared, well-favored.
weil, 92, eddy.
weir, war.
wel the felle, 273, will fall from thy headt
wende, weened.
wes, was.
wesleyn, western.
wether, whither.
weylaway, weU-a-day !
whang, thong.
whidderan, whizzing.
whet, what.
whew, whistle.
whose^ any one whatever.
wicker, 119, switch.
widdifu, one who deserves to fill a widdie or halter, gal­lows bird, ruffian.
wight, strong, quick; wight-men (Ang. Sax. wigman) fighting men, brave fellows; waled wightmen, 220, picked warriors.
win, get.
winna, wiU not.
winsomely, handsomely.
wit, knowledge.
wod, waded.
wombe, belly.
won, 120, misprint for win ?
wons, dwells.