Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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under cover of which the
walls of a besieged town were
assailed: soy, silk.
spaite, floods, torrents. spauld, shoulder. spene, 272, cost. spier, ask. spin, run. splent, armor. springald, a military engine for
discharging heavy missiles at
the walls of a beleaguered
town. spuilye, spnlzie, despoil. star, see ayeyn. starkest, strongest. staun, stolen. steads, places. stear, stir. stont, stands. stots, bullocks. stounde, time. stour, turmoil, affray. straught, stretched. streynthe, strength. strick, strict. strmkled, sprinkled. Strivelyn, Sterling. stude, place.
Bturt, 138, trouble, disturbance. suereth, swear. sugge, say. suithe, very. sunne, sin. swoynes, 272, swains, men in
general below the rank of
knights. iwithe, very.
swither, doubt, consternation. swyers, squires. swykedom, treachery. swythe, very. syke, ditch. syne, then.
tackles, arrows.
tald, told.
targats, 49, tassels.
te, to.
temed, 276, tamed.
thae, these.
thah, though.
the, thrive.
then, than.
thenehe, think
theynes, thanes.
thir, these; thir's, these are.
this, these.
tho, then.
thole, bear, endure.
thonkes, his, 283, willingly, gladly, by his good wiU.
thrawin, 219, distorted, wrin­kled.
thunche, 273, seem.
til, to; til't, to it.
tint, lost.
to-drawe, to-drowe, drawn.
to-dryven, 270, break to pieces.
token, 277, gave to.
tome, tame.
toom, empty.
tour, 192, course or road.
tow, 158, throw.
tprot, interjection of contempt.
trayne, stratagem.
tree, staff.