Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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rank'd, 25, i. e. looked finely, formed in ranks.
ranshackled, ransacked..
rantin', gay, jovial.
rathere, 274, sooner, before­hand.
raxed, stretched.
ray, 102, path or track.
reaving, robbing.
redd, rede, advise, advice.
reek, smoke.
reif, bailiff.
reif, robbery; reiver, robber.
reil, reel.
remuy, remove.
res, 276, (Ang. Sax. roes,) in­cursions, exploits t
retherea hude, bullock's hide.
rig, 119, ridge.
rigging, ridge, tap.
rin, run.
rok, distaff.
roof-tree, the beam which forms the angle of the roof.
rouncyn, horse.
routing, bellowing.
row, roll.
row-footed, 63, rough-footed?
rudds, reddens.
rude, rood.
Rumary, 249?
rybaus, ribalds, villains.
saft, 65, light.
saht, 276, at one, reconciled.
sark, shirt, shift.
saugh, willow.
sawe, speech.
$chaw, wood.
scroggs, stunted trees.
see, protect.
see, 277, seat, throne.
seen, soon.
seld, sold.
selkethe, strange.
serime, 248, corrupt: qy. be-timet
seth the, after.
served, 25, behaved to.
shame a ma, 93, devil a bit.
sheen, shoes.
sheil, shepherd's hut.
shome, shame.
shonde, disgrace.
shonkes, shanks.
sic, sicken, such.
skaithd, injured.
skeigh, sky.
slack, a shallow dell, morass.
slae, 119, sloe.
sleuth-dog, blood-hound.
slogan, the gathering word pe­culiar to a family or clan, a ■war-cry.
sloken, slake.
slough-hounds, blood-hounds.
slowen, slew.
smoldereth, smothereHi.
snear, snort.
so, as.
solas, amusement.
sonde, godes, God's sending.
sote, soot.
soth, soht, truth.
Soudron, Southerner, English.
sould, suld, should.
SOwie, sow (Lat. vinea, plu-' tens), a shed or pent-house