Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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GLOSSARY.                                     291
me, they (Fr. on). mear, mare. mene, moan. mergu, marrow. mest, most. minnie, mother. mirk, dark. modi, bold. mot, may.
mounde, 270, might t mowe, may. mowes, jests. mtidie, bold. muss, moss.
naggs, notches. nede, 280, he had not. neist, next. nes, was not. neuk, 224, corner f nicher, nicker, neigh. nie, neigh. niest, next. nogs, stakes.
noisome, 139, annoying, vexa­tious. nolden, would not. nome, name. nome, nomen, took. nones, no.
notour, 267, notorious. noud, nout, nought, not. nowt, cattle. mile, will not. nythe, 276, wickedness.
oht, oath.
onde, 275, malice, envy.
other, or.
ou, you. onir, our. our, oure, over. outspeckle, laughing-stock. ower-word, burden, owsen, oxen.
palliones, tents.
paw, neer play'd, 84, did not
stir hand or foot. peel, 106, the stronghold, where »
the cattle were kept. pellettes, balls. peruenke, periwinkle. pestelets, pistols, fire-arms. pleugh, plough. plumet, 76, pommel. poer, power.
pouraille, common people. pris, 276, praise. prude, pride. prye, pray. pure, poor. putfalle, pitfall. pyne, pain.
questry, jury. quey, young cow. quhayir, whoever. quhilk. which.
rack, a shallow ford, extending to a considerable breadth be­fore it narrows into a full stream. Jamilson.
rad, 27, afraid.
rae, roe.
raid, foray, predatory incur­sion, fight.