Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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gin, trick.
gleed, red-hot coal, a glowing
bar of iron. gloamin', twilight. gomen, 282, game, mockery. goud, gold. goule, (Fr.) throat. graith, armor. graith, make ready; graithed,
armed. grat, wept. green, yearn, long. greeting, weeping. gripet, seized. grom, groom, man. grome, 279, sorrow. gryming, sprinkling. guided, 172, treated. gynne, trap.
had, haud, hold.
haif, have.
hail, 133, (vigorous, and so)
boisterous f halewen, saints. halt, 276, 282,profits! halve, side. haly, holy. happers, hoppers. hardilyche, boldly. harpit, harped. harried, plundered. hastifliche, hastily. haud, hold, keep. he, 282, they. head, 117, assemblage. heckle, a hatchel, flax-comb. hem, them, Uende, hendy, gentle. VOL. VI.
hente, caught.
herry, harry, spoil.
he's, he shall.
het, head.
het, hot.
heugh, a ragged steep, some­times, a glen with steep over­hanging sides.
heved, head.
hi, they.
hie, high.
hirst, a barren hill.
hold, 276, faithful.
hope, houp, a sloping hollow between two hiUs.
hostage house, 233, inn.
how, puU.
howm, a plain on a river side.
hue, they; huem, them; huere, their.
hulles, hills.
ibore, born. ieh, /.'
ichulle, I shall. ilka, every. intill, in. is, his. I'se, I will.
jack, a short coat plated with
smaU pieces of iron. jeopardy, 223, adventure. jimp, slender. jugge, 271, condemn.
keekit, peeped.
kend, known.
kettrin, cateran, thieving.