Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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dunt, dint, stroke. dyhte, 282, dispose of.
e'en, 93, even, put in comparison, een, eyes.
elshin, shoemaker's awl. ene, 270, even. enew, enough. er, before. ettled, designed. everuche, every; everuchon, every one.
falla, fellow.
fand, found.
fang, catch.
fankit, entangled, obstructed;
here, so fixed that it could
not be drawn. fared, went. fasten, 276, plight. fay, faith. fear't, frightened. fecht, fight.
fee, income, property, wages. feid, feud.
feir, 222, sound, unhurt. feiries, comrades. fell, high pasture land. fend, defence. feren, comrades. feriy, wonder. fet. foot. fie, predestined. fiend, 9, i. e. the devil a thing. fit, foot. flain, arrows. flatlies, fiat. fley, fright.
flinders, fragments,
flo, flay.
fon, 274, foes.
fonge, take up.
forbode, over God's, (on God's
prohibition), God forbid. forehammer, the large hammer
which strikes before the small
one, sledge-hammer. foreward, covenant. forfaulted, forfeited. forfend, forbid. forfoughen (i. e. forfoughten)
tired out, forst, frost. fot-lome, foot-lame, fou, full (of drink). four-half, on, in quarters. foursithe, four times, fo-w, 219, full? frae hand, forthwith. freits, omens. frith, wood. furs, furrows. fyn, end.
gar, make, let.
garste, 282, (should probably
be gast) frighten away. gaun, going. gavelocks, (javelins) iron
crows.                        '
gear, goods, property; 16, spoil. ged, went. geir, same as gear, genzie, engine of war. gifted, 31, given away. gilt, gold. gin. if-