Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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cess, tax, black-mail.
cheventeyn, chieftain.
chot, wot, lenow.
chulle, shall.
claes, clothes.
clanked, gave a smart stroke.
cleugh, a rugged ascent.
doss, 191, area before the house, {close.)
coll, cool.
coraan, command.
con, 269, began.
conquess, conquer.
continaunce, countenance.
corbie, crow.
corn-caugers, corn-carriers, or dealers.
cost, 135, loss, risk.
could, 102, began.
coune, began.
courtrie, band of courtiers.
couthe, knew.
cowte, colt.
coynte, quaint, cunning.
crabit, crabbed.
cracking, boasting.
crooks, the windings of a river, the space of ground closed in on one side by tliese wind­ings.
crouse, brisk, bold.
cumber, to red the, quell the tumult.
cunnes, kinds.
curch, kerchief, coif.
cure, 214, care, pains.
curtel, 281, shirt, gown.
custan, cast.
dae, doe.
dandoo, 245, apparently should
be dun doe. dane, done, taken. dang, beat. daw, dawn. de, (Fr.) God. dede, dealt. dee, die. deid, death. deme, adjudge. destaunce, disturbance. ding down, beat down. dints, blows. doddeth, 272, lap. dool, grief.
dought, could, was able. dour, hard. douse, quiet, mild. dousse'-pers, (Fr. douze pairs)
gallant knights* douteth, feareth. dow, can, are able; downa,
cannot. down-come of Robin Hood,
242, as quick as R. H. would
knock one doumt or pay
downf dreigh, (tedious, long) high. dreynte, drowned, drie, bear, endure. drifts, 100, droves. drivand, driving. drue, dry. drunkily, merrily. drury, treasure. dub, pool, pond. duere, dear. dule, sorrow.