Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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bent^ coarse grass; open coun­try, covered with the same.
benty, covered with the coarse grass called bent; benty-line, 13 ?
beseen, weil, 132, well appoint­ed.
bide, 273, pray to.
bigged, built.
biheveded, beheaded.
billie, comrade.
birk, birch.
birst, (burst) fray.
blan, stopped.
blink, 49, glanced.
blive, quickly.
bobaunce, vanity, presumption.
bode, bid.
borrow, rescue.
bot and, and also.
bote, 274, amends; bote, no, not belter off.
boun, ready, gone.
brae, hill-side.
braid, 245, qy. corrupt V
brain, gang, go mad.
brank, 124, prance, caper.
branks, a rude sort of bridle of rope and wood, used by country people.
braw, bra', brave, fine.
brayd on, 32, move on (rapidly).
breast, 249, voice.
breasting, springing forward.
brecham, collar of a working horse.
brede, o, ant o leynthe, in breadth and in length, far and wide.
breek, breeches; 70, breek-
thigh, the side pocket of the
breeches. brie, brow. broked cow, a cow that has
black spots mixed with while
in her face. broken men, outlawed men. browhead, forehead. brugge, bridge. brusten, burst. bryd, bird. bryttled, cut up. bueth, be.
bufft coat, leather coal. bund, bound. burel, sackcloth. burn, brook. busk, make ready. buss, bush. bussing, 137, covering (stolen
from the packs), but, out; 236, but the floor,
acrdss the floor out of Hie
room, or to the outer part of
the house. by (sometimes) besides. byhet, promised. byres, byris, barns, cowhouses. bysoht, prepared for. bytake, committed. bythenche, bethink.
ca' call. ca', 90, drive. carle, churl, fellow. carpit, talked, told stories. ca's, calves. cauler, cool.