Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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05*" Figures placed after wo they
denote the pages in which
ablins, perhaps.
aboon, abune, above,
abugge, aby, pay for.
adrenche, drown.
ae, one; first ae, ftrtt.
agynneth, begin.
ahint, behind.
aims, irons.
airt, quarter of the compass, direction.
alacing, saying alas.
alane, mine, alone by myself.
alast, latterly.
alles, all.
allinge, altogether.
alow, 245, below.
al so, at once.
amense, amends.
American leather, 244 ?
anew, enough.
an honde, 283, in hand.
anis, once.
aplyht, 273, a particle of con­firmation, indeed, on my vxird, &c.
aquelleden, killed.
arewe, 269, rue, feel aggrieved
by. assoygne, 271, delay: (lines
66, 67, should probably be
transposed.) asteir, astir, moved, (his anger.) avow, 261, consent, undertake. avowerie, protection, support. awin, own. awsome, frightful, ayeyn, against: 278, v. 103, a
word seems to have dropped
out. The sense is, tliere is
no resisting the stars. Wright
reads stare. ayont, beyond, on one side of.
bangisters, violent and lawless people, those that haw the upper hand, victors.
basnet, helmet.
batts, beating.
beet, 90, help.
ben, in.