Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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wedes, garments.
welde, would.
welt, wielded, disposed of.
wenion, 225, curse, (a word of unknown origin.)
wende, went, weened, thought.
weppynd, weaponed.
west, wist.
wet, wete, know.
whether, whither.
whute, whistle; whues, whist­lings.
wigger, wicker.
wight, strong.
wilfulle, 164, (like wilsom,) doubtful, ignorant.
win, go, gel, get on.
winna, will not.
wistna, knew not.
wode, mad.
wode, went.
wodys, woods.
woe8t, saddest.
wolwarde, without linen next the body.
■won®, dwell; wonnynge, dwell­ing.
woo, sad.
woodweele, variously ex­plained as woodpecker, thrush, wood-lark, red-breast.
worthe, be.
wroken, revenged.
wrist, 258 ?
wyght, strong.
Wynne, go.
wystly, wistfuHy, intently. wyte, 400, wytte, know.
xal, xul, shall.
y-dyght, furnished, prepared.
yed'e, yeed, went.
yeff, if.
yeffell, ill.
yeft, gift.
yeman, yeoman; yemanrey, 22, yeomandrie, yeomanry, what becomes a yeoman.
yend, yonder.
yer, years.
yerdes, rods, wands.
ye'se, you shall.
yever, ever.
y-founde, found.
ylke, same.
yode, went.
Yole, Yule, Christmas.
yonder, under.
y-slaw, slain.
zade, went.
zare, readily, quickly.
zatis, gates.
ze, the.
zelpe, boast.
zemen, yeomen.
zet, yet.
zete, eat.
zeue, give.
zone, yon.
zouyn, given.