Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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GLOSSARY.                                    447
take, (often) give; take up (the table), clear away.
takle, takyll, arrow.
tarpe, 111?
tee, to.
teene, tene, harm, trouble, vex­ation.
than, then.
the, they.
the, thrive, prosper.
then, than.
ther, their.
there, 106, where.
the*, (Aim.
thir, (ftej.
tho, ttose.
thocht, thought.
thother, other.
thoucht long, thought lang, grew weary.
thrast, thrust, pressed.
throly, 5, boldly
throng, hastened.
throwe, space of time.
thrumme, the extremity of a weaver's warp; 40, band or belli
thryes, thrice.
thynketh, seemeth.
till, to.
tithyngus, tidings.
to, two.
to-hande, two-hand.
toke, committed to.
tortyll, 28, twisted. Qy. read­ing?
trawale, labor, vocation.
tray, 81, (A.S. trega,) vexation.
tree, staff.
trenchen, 203, cutting.
treyffe, 32, thrive.
tristil tre, 7, tree of trist, or
meeting. trowet, troth. trusyd, trussed. trysty tre, tristing tree, tree
of meeting. tyde, time. tyll, to.
tynde, tine, antler. tyne, lose.
unketh, strange, stranger. unneath, unneth, hardly. untyll, unto.
upchaunce, peradventure, per­chance.
venyson, 130, deer-steaHng. voyded, went off.
wa, wall.
wad, would.
wan, got, came.
wane, 70; wonnynge wane, dwelling-place: wane is per­haps an error for hame.
war, aware.
warden-pies, 368; wardens are large baking-pears.
warisone, 14, reward.
was, 28, wash.
waur, worse.
waythmen, page ix., hunters, sportsmen (German, weid-mann). Often explained outlaws, rovers.
wed, wedde, pledge, deposit.