Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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seal, 396, Gude seal, God seat, forbid t
seke, search; 20, he was not to seke, he did not require to be looked for.
seker, sure, resolute.
selerer, cellarer, the officer of a convent thai furnished pro­visions.
semblaunte, countenance.
sete, set.
sets, 318, suits.
shawe, 1, 94,160, grove, wood.
shende, injure, blame.
shete, shoot; shet, shot.
gheyne, bright.
shone, shoen, shots.
shope, created.
shot-window, a projecting win­dow.
shradd, 160, (spelt also shard,) an opening in a wood.
shrewed, 63, cursed, precious !
shroggs, 164, shrubs, twigs.
shryve, sheriff.
shuldls, shouldsl.
silly, simple.
sith, since.
slack, low ground, valley.
slade, valley, ravine, strip of greensward between two woods.
slawe, slain.
slist, sliced.
slon, slay; slone, slain,
somers, sumpter horses.
sorowe tyme, 61, sorry, bad time.
tothe, truth.
sound, swoon.
sowt, 40, south.
soyt, sooth, truth.
spar, spare, stop.
sparris, shuts!; sparred, shut.
spear, speir, ask about.
speroles, sparks.
sprunks, 378, concubines t
spyrred, asked, asked for.
stage, 8, story of the house T
stalle, 16, place in general,
room, house. stark, stiff. stede, place. sterte, started, rushed. Steven, 168, voice; 164, unsett
Steven, a time not previously
appointed. stime, a particle of light. sto', store, a quantity. stood upon, 356, concerned, was
worth his while. store, set no, make no account
»/■ stound, hour, time. stowre, turmoil. strypes, strokes. stroke, 259, stretch ! stye, 14, lane. sune, son. sweaven, dream. sweir, niggardly, unwilling to
part with any thing. swinke, toil. swownd, swoon. swyre, 430, neck. syne, then, afterwards. syth, then.