Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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plucke-buffet, 118, is ex­plained by the context, preee, prese, crowd; prees, 66,
press (of battle). preced, pressed. preke, the pin in the centre of
a target. president, precedent. prest, 29, fast, zealously. prest, quick, in a hurry;
prestly, quickly. pricke-wande, a rod set up as
a mark. The prick is the
peg in the centre of a
target. prycker, 425, a galloping horse. pryffe, 430, prove. pryme, six in ike morning. pudding-prick, a skewer to
fasten a pudding-bag. put at the stane, throw the
stone as a trial of strength;
putting-stone, the stone used
in this exercise. pyne, suffering; goddes pyne,
Christ's passion.
quequer, quiver. queyt, qwyte, reward.
raked, 196, proceeded leisurely,
sauntered. raking, 259, 275, walking
hastily, running. rawe, row. ray, prepare. raye, 84, striped cloth. " Cloth
not coloured or dyed. It is
mentioned in many old statutes
in contradistinction to cloth of colour." Eitson.
reachles, reckless, careless.
red, advice.
red, rid.
reddely, quickly.
reede, advise.
renne, run.
reuth, pity.
reve, rob, take by force-revere, river.
reves, bailiffs, receivers.
rewth, pity.
ripe, rip.
ripe, 190, search; 202, cleanse.
rode, rood, cross.
rout, 191, blow.
rowed, rolled.
rowte, company.
rue, 377, to cause to rue.
rung, staff.
ryall, royal.
ryghtwys, righteous, just.
sad, &2,ftrm, resolute.
sail, shall; salna, shall not,
salued, greeted.
same, in, together.
sanchothis, 41 '? (The mean­ing is that the arrow went between the legs.)
sawtene, sought.
scaith, scathe, hurt, harm.
schet, schette, shot.
schrewde, sharp.
sclo, slay.
scouth, 195, room, range:
screffe, sheriff.
se, see, protect.