Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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maystry, tried ofskill, feat.
meal-pock, meal-bag.
meatrif, abounding in prom-ions.
mell, meddle.
menye, meyne, company.
mete, measured.
metlie, meat.
meyt, meythe, might.
mickle, great.
middle streame, 274, middle of the stream.
misters, 203, sorts of.
mo, more.
molde, ground.
mot, may.
mote, meeting.
mought, might.
mow, mouth.
muckle, much.
myeh, much.
mylner, miller.
mysaunter, misadventure, iU luck.
myster, need.
myzt, might.
nae, not.
nar, nor, than.
ner, never.
ner, were it not.
ner; they ner, thine ear.
nere, nearer.
next way, nearest way.
nicked, notched, cut: slashed.
niddart, 403, assailed.
nip, bit; cum nips of sticks,
191, bundle of small sticks, nipped, pinched.
nombles, numbles, [the eat­able'] entrails. nouther, neither.
odur, other.
ohon, interjection of grief,
alas. okerer, usurer. oltrance, outrance, utterance. on, one.
onfere, together. on lyve, alive. onslepe, asleep. onys, once. or, before. os, us.
ought, owed. ont-horne, a horn blown to
summon people to assist in
capturing a fugitive. over all, everywhere. owthe, out. owtlay, outlaw. oysyd, used, followed.
passe, extent, bounds, limits,
district; as< the pas da
Calais. Kitson. partakers, persons to take one's
part. pawage, pauage, pavag, toll for the privilege of passing
over the territory of another. pay, satisfaction. peces, 76, vessels; unless it be
goldpieces. pinder, pounder, pound-keeper. pine, pain. plucke, stroke,blow; 423, bout;