Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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GLOSSARY.                               443
launsgay, a kind of dart or javelin; (a compound of lance, and the Arabic zagaye, says Myrick, An-tient Armour, &c.)
lawhyng, laughing.
layne, deception.
leace, lying.
leasynge, lying.
leave, 395, dear.
ledes man, conductor.
lee licht, 171, lonely, sad light.
leese, lose.
lefe, dear, pleasant.
lende, 113, dwell.
lene, 58, grant; 59, lend.
lengre, longer.
lere, cheeh.
lere, learn.
lese, lose.
lest, desire.
lesynge, lying.
let, stop; letna, let not; let-tyng, stopping.
leugh, lauglied.
lever, rather.
lewte, loyalty.
ley, lea.
leythe, light.
liflod, livelihood.
ligge, 332, lay.
lightil^, lyghtly, quickly.
Jin, slop.
lin'd, 203, beaten.
list, desire.
list, pleased.
lith, 170,y<«n<, fim6.
lithe, hearken.
liver, nimble.
lizt, K#7j£.
lokid on, 8, fcofed i« a(.
longe of the, thy fault.
longut, longed.
lordeyne, sluggard, clown.
lore, lost.
lothely, with aversion, with hatred.
lough, laughed.
loused, lowsed, loosed.
low, laughed.
lowe, 167, a small hiU.
lown, rogue.
lust, desire.
lynde, lyne, linden, lime, tree in general.
lynge, 10, o thin long grass or rush, heather.
lyth, hearken.
lyveray, an allowance of pro­visions or clothes given out to servants or retainers; 73, levy.
lyzth, lies.
male, portmanteau; 68, [the horse carrying] the port­manteau.
maney, company.
mar, more.
marry, Mary; marry gep, ap­parently, Mary go tip 1
masars, 75, cups, vessels.
masterey, mastery, trial of skill, feat.
mat, may.
maun, must; maunna, may not.
may, maid.