Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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haulds, 195, things to take ho,
of-haunted, resorted frequently. hawt, aught. hayt, hath. he, 39, they. heal'd, concealed. hede, head. hee, high.
hende, gentle, courteous. hent, took. heres, here is. het, it. het, eat.
heynd, gentle, courteous. hight, called, are called. ho, hoo, who. hode, hood. holde, 61, retain. holy, wholly. hos, MS.
housbond, manager. howt, out; heyt war howte,
23, a corrupt passage ? huokle-duckle, 424, a term fir
a loose woman. humming, heady. hye, in, aloft. hyght, promised, vowed. hynde, servant. hypped, hopped, hobbled.
i-bonde, bound. i-chaunged, changed. i-federed, feathered. ilk, each; ilkone, each one. in fere, in company. inn, 34, abode, stand. i-noeked, nocked, notched.
inow, enough. in same, together. intil, into, in. into, in.
in twaine, apart. i-pyght, put. i-quyt, rewarded. i-sette, set. i-slawe, slain. ither, each other. i-wysse, surely.
japes,yesfe, mocks. jobbing, 374, knocking to­gether.
kende, kent, knew.
kep, catch; kep'd, kept,
keepit, caught. kepe-; non odur kepe I'll be,
15, I will be no other kind of
retainer, IwiU have no other
relations. kest, cast. kilt, tuck up. knave, servant (boy); knave
bairn, male child. knop, a knob or swelling from
a blow. kod, quoth. kyrtell, kirtle, waistcoat jacket,
or tunic.
lad, lead.
laigh, 196, low ground. lang, longer. lap, leaped.
launde, an open place in a wood.