Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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GLOSSAEY.                               441
forebye, on one side. for god, before God. forlorne, lost, forsaken, alone. forsoyt, forsooth. forthynketh, repentelh. fostere, forester; filters of
the fe, 153, foresters in the
King's pay. foryete, 72, forgotten. fothe, foot. foulys, fowls, birds. free, 272, gracious, bounteous. frend, foreign, strange; ferre
and frend bestad, 69, in the
position of a stranger from
a distance. frese (said of bows), 82 ? in', full. fynly, goodly.
gang, go.
gangna, go not.
gar, make.
gate, 162,196, may.
general, 290, perhaps the gov­ernor, Nottingham having once been a garrison town. Eitson. Rather, people; i. e. in public, with the rest of the world.
ger, 27, gear, affair.
gest, guest.
geste, story.
gie, give.
gif. if-gillore, plenty.
gin, if.
gladdynge, entertaining.
go, walk.
god, 81, valuables.
gods forbott, 260, God's prohi­bition, God forbid.
golett, throat, the part of the dress or armor which covered the throat.
gone, go; ride and go, ride and walk.
gorney, journey.
graff, 226, branch or sapling.
gree, 64, satisfaction.
greece, hart of, a fat hart.
grithe, 16, peace, protection, security for a certain time.
grome, groom; 45, a (common) man.
ha', hall.
had, hold, keep.
hail, wholly.
halfendell, half.
halke, 108, hollow ?
hambellet, ambleth.
hame, home.
han, have.
hansell, 23, is the first money received in a new shop, or on any particular day. The passage seems to be cor­rupt.
hantyd, haunted.
harbengers, harbingers, ser­vants that went on before their lords during a journey, to provide lodgings.
harowed, despoiled.
hart of greece, a fat hart.
hase, neck.
hand, hold.