Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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doen him, betaken kirn.
doe of, doff.
doubt, doute,y<s<jr, danger.
doyt, do.
dree, tear, suffer, endure.
dab, 196, pool.
dule, lamentation.
dung, struck doicn,put down.
duzty, doughty, brave.
dyght, 100, done.
dyght, ready, made ready;
dyghtande. 111, making
ready, cooking. dysgrate, disgraced, degraded,
fallen into poverty.
eftsones, afterward, hereafter.
eild, age.
emys, uncles.
ere, 86, before.
erst, before.
even, exactly.
everyche, euerilkone, everi-
chone, each, every one. exaltre, axle-tree. eylde het the, requite (thee
for) it. eyr, year.
fa.em,foam, sea.
fa.Il, but, 193, without fail.
faine, glad.
falleth, 114, suiteth.
falyf, fallen.
fanatick, 414, madman.
fang, strap.
fare, way of proceeding; 114, fortune; for all his frendes fare, seems to mean, not-
withstanding the penalties suffered by his friends for their bad shots.
fare, go.
farley, strange.
fault, 367, misfortune.
fay, faith.
fayne, glad.
fe, fee,property, wages, reward.
feardest, 197, most frightened.
federed, feathered.
felischepe, 22, compact of friendship.
feni, find.
fende, defend.
ferd, 10, fear; probably misĀ­spelt.
fere, mate.
ferly, wonderful, extraordinary.
ferre dayes, 47, late in the day.
ferre and frend bestad, 69, in the position of a stranger from a distance.
fet, fetched.
fet, fit, song.
fetteled, made ready.
finikin, fine.
flaps, strokes, blows.
fleych, flesh.
flinders, fragments.
no, arrow.
fone, foes.
forbode godys, 30, gods for-bott, 260, Gods prohibition ; over gods forbode, 157, on Gods prohibition, God forĀ­bid.
force, fors, matter.