Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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bystode, put into a plight, cir­cumstanced.
can, as an auxiliary, equiva­lent to did.
can, know; coud, knew; can thanke, feel grateful, (savoir gre.)
cankerdly, with ill humor.
capull, horse.
carefull, sorrowful.
carpe, talk, narrate.
carril, carel, churl.
certyl, kirtle; 41, jacket or waistcoat.
chaffar, chaffer, merchandise, commodity.
charter of peace, deed of par­don, sofe^warrant.
chear well, 190, make good cheer, have a good prospect.
chepe, v. buy; n. bargain.
chere, face.
cheys, choose.
chitt, 258, worn f
driven, 405, craven t
claw'd, 194, scratched, curried.
clepyn, call.
clipping, embracing.
clouted, patched.
cofer, trunk.
cold, 259, could, used as an auxiliary of the perfect tense.
cole, cowl.
comet, cometh.
commytted, 120, accounted.
comyn belle, 13, tmon-beU.
coost, cast.
coresed, 62, harnessed. Hal-iiiwELL. (A guess ?)
cote-a-pye, upper garment, short cloak.
coud, could, used as an auxil­iary of the perfect tense; coud his curtesye, 76, [showed that he'] understood good manners.
counsel, secret.
covent, /convent.
cow, clip.
cowed, could, knew.
cowthe, could.
crack, chat, talk.
craftely, skilfully.
creves, crevice.
crouse, 192, merrily.
curn, 191, quantity of.
curtail fryer, 272, apparently the friar with the curtail (cur) dogs.
curtes, courteous.
cutters, swaggerers, riotous fellows.
cypress, 411, gauze, crape.
dale, been at a, in low spirits f
dame, 86, mother, i. e. Mary.
deale, part.
dee, die.
dee, do; deen, done.
deft, neat, trim.
demed, judged.
dere, harm.
dere worthy, precious.
derne, secret, privy, retired.
devilkyns, 57, deuced.
did of, dofied.