Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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barking, 336, leather-tanning.
baylyes, 153, bailiffs, sheriff's officers.
be, by.
bearyng arow, 155, "an arrow thai carries well;" see vol.
became, 184, came.             [vii.
bedene, 77, in a company, to­gether. (?)
bedyl, 153, beadle, the keeper of a prison.
beforn, 41, before, first.
beft, 203, beaten.
begeok, give a, 198, make a mock of, expose to derision.
beheste, 429, promise.
bebote, 99,promise; ^prom­ised.
beir, noise, cry.
belive, belyfe, quickly, at once.
ben, in.
benbow, 432, bent bow.
bend, 405, turn of a forest.
bescro, beshrew, curse.
bestead, circumstanced, put to it.
bewch, 159, bough.
bigged, built.
bigly, commodious, pleasant to live in.
bil, pike or halberl.
Mate, sheepish, foolish.
blowe bost, 55, make boast.
Mutter, 195, dirty.
Myve, quickly.
booking, belching, flowing, out.
bode, bid.
boltys, arrows, especially ar­rows with a blunt head.
bone, boon.
booting, 188, robbing adventure.
borow, surety.
borowe, redeem.
boskyd, made ready.
bote, help, use.
bottys, shooting butts.
boun, boune, make ready;
bown'd, 193, went. boune, bowne, ready, ready to
go; 244, going. bour, bower, chamber, dwelling, bowne, boon. boyt, both. braide at a, 145, suddenly, in a
moment. braves, bravadoes. bree, brow. breeks, breeches. brenne, burn. brere, briar, thorn. breyde, a start, leap. breyde, started, leaped, stepped
hastily. briddis, birds. broke, 91, use and enjoy. browthe, brought. browzt, brought. bruik, enjoy. bryk, breeches. bnske, bush. buske, dress; 54, make ready
to go, go. busshement, ambush. but, without; 193, but fail,
without fail; but and, and
also. bydene, 105, all together, forth­with, one after the other. (?)