Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 5 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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03*" Figures placed after w< they
denote the pages in which
a', all.
aboon, abune, above.
abowthe, about.
abye, abide, pay.
aeward stroke, 21, an unusual, outrf-the-way stroke, which could not be guarded against.
ae, one.
aftur the way, 11, upon the way.
agayne, against.
agone, ago.
aik, oak.
alane, alone.
Alcaron, 414, the name of an imaginary deity, by meta­thesis from Alcoran. Rrr-son. The original reading is, however, Acaron.
nlkone, each one.
al so mote, so may I.
altherbest, best of all.
amain, all, 292, at once.
ance, once.
anker, anchorite.
a-row, in a row.
Arthur-a-Bradley, 351, the title of a baUad.
arwe, arrow; arwys, arrows.
asay, tried.
assoyld, absolved.
avowe, founder, patron, pro­tector.
awayte me scathe, 80, lie in
. wait, or lay plots, to do me in­jury.
awet, know.
awkwarde stroke, 166, an un­usual, out-of-the-way stroke.
ayen, again.
ayenst, against.
ayont, beyond.
ayre, by, 197, early.
azon, 39, against, towards [them].
bale, ruin, harm, mischief. * ballup, 264, the front or flap
of smaU clothes. banis, bane.