Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 4 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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unco, strange, foreign. upricht, 253, straightway ?
wae, sad.
waged, slaved.
wait, wot, know.
waith, wandering.
wald, would.
wale, choice.
walI-wight,S06,^Kc£e<Z(waled) strong men, or warriors.
waly, an interjection of lamen­tation.
wanrufe, 246, disquietude.
wan up, got up.
wat, wot, know.
waur, worse.
wee, 269, short time.
weed, clothes.
wee), well.
weel-busket, well trimmed.
weel-far'd, weel-faurd, well-favored.
wend, 280, weened.
werry, 248, weary, sorrowful.
whae's aught, who is it owns.
whingers, " a short hanger, used as a knife at meals and as a sword in broils.11
wight, strong or nimble.
win, get, go; win to, attain or get to; win up, get up.
win, to make the harvest.
winna, will not.
winsome, pleasant.
wisna, know not.
worldling, 230, pet t
wow, exclamation of admira­tion, or surprise.
wrench, wretched.
yede, went.
yef, if
ye'se, ye shaU.
yestreen, yesterday.
yett, gate.
ying, young.
your lane, alone by yourself.
ze, ye.