Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 4 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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birling, drinking.
blae, blue.
blaewort, blue bottle, witch
belh. blee, complexion. blin'd, blinded. bone, 247, bane. boon, above. borrow, ransom, rescue. bot dreid, 248, without doubt. boud, 297? bought, apen in the corner of a
fold, into which the ewes are
driven to be milked. bower, chamber, dwelling. brae, hiU-side. braken, female fern. braw, brave, fine, handsome. brawn, 93, calf of the leg. brayd attour the bent, 248,
strode across the grass or
field. brent, 308, high, straight. bride-ale, a wedding festival so
called from the brides setting
ale on the wedding dag, in
return for which she received
a large price by way of
present. bruik, enjoy. brynies, cuirasses. bug, built. burd, lady. burn, brook. busk, dress, adorn, make
ready. but, out.
but and, but also. bute [boot], help.
ca', called.
caddie, errand-boy.
cairis, cares.
camovine, camomile.
can, know.
chap, rap.
certaine, in, certainly.
close, enclosure, an encloses field.
coffer, coif a woman's headĀ­dress ?
coft, bought.
cog, miVdng-pail.
confound, destroy.
corss, cross.
cowt, colt.
cowth, cowd, 248, could, used as an auxiliary to form the preterit tense.
crack, merry talk.
cramasie, crimson.
cruds, curds.
cute, ancle.
cuvating, coveting.
daurna, dare not. daut, fondle. dead, death. dearly, dear. dee, die. dee, do. deed, death.
deill, 250, deal; 247, dally t deir, 246, frighten. dele, 144, particle, bit. departe, 147, separate; deĀ­parting, 249, dividing. dern, secret dey, dairy woman.