Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 3 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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thouoli, though.
thought lang, grew weary, felt ennui.
thoust, thou shouldsL
thraw, twist.
till, 170, entice.
till, to.
tine, 175, lose; tint, lost.
tint, 188, 227, apparently mis­used by Percy, Jar tine, lose.
tippit, lock (of hair).
tirled at the pin, trilled, or rattled, at the door-latch.
tolbooth, prison.
tone, the one, (after the.)
toom, empty.
trattles, prattles, tattles.
trysted, made an appointment with.
twig, twitch.
twine, part.
tyne, lose.
ugsome, disgusting, loathsome. unco, strange. unmacklye, 187, unshapely.
wad, wager.
wad, would.
wae, sad.
wake, watch.
wale, choose.
wallowed, 290, withered.
waly, alas.
wan, dark, black, 'gloomy.
wand, wicker.
wane, 221, a number of people.
wantonly, 82, nimbly.
wap, wrap.
warlock, wizard
wat, know.
wat, wet.
wauked, watched.
waur, worse.
weary, causing trouble, sad.
wed-bed, marriage-bed.
weefcs, knows.
weil-heid, the vortex of a whirlpool.
weill-fanr'd, well-favored.
weir, war.
weird, 220, made liable to, ex­posed to; 308, apparently, foretell that it is important.
weirdless, unlucky. [men.
well-wight men, picked strong
westlin, westward.
whareto, wherefore.
whin, furze.
wicht, wight.
wicker, twist, from being too tightly drawn.
wight, strong, active.
wightlye, bravely, quickly.
wightsmen, 325, husbandmen f
win, come, reach; win near, come near; win up, get up.
winsome, gay, comely.
win hay, dry or make.
wit, information.
wite, blame.
wode, mad.
woe, sad.
won up, 218, gel up; should be win up.
wrocht, wrought.
wush, washed.