Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 3 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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laigh, low.
lake, 58, hollow place, grave t
lamer, amber.
lane, your lane, &c, alone.
lap, leapt; 154, sprang.
lauch, laugh.
lauchters, laughters.
lave, rest.
lawing, redeeming.
laye, 180, law.
lay gowd, embroider in gold.
lay-land, lea-land, unploughed, green sward.
leafa', lawful. '
leal, loyal, true.
leech, leash.
leesome, pleasant, lovely.
lemin, gleaming.
lere, countenance.
lethal, deadly.
licht, light.
lieve, dear.
lift, air.
lift, carry off.
lig, lie.
lighter, delivered.
limmer, mean, scoundrel, wretch.
linkin', riding briskly.
linn, the pool beneath a cata­ract.
lither, lazy, wicked.
lodlye, loathly.
loon, clown, rascal, low fellow.
loot, let.
louted, bowed, bent.
make, mate. mane, moan, lament.
mannot, may not.
maries, maids.
mark, murky.
marrow, mate, husband; 67, antagonist, match.
mat, might.
mavis, thrush.
maw, mew.
may, maid.                     *
meen, moon.
mell, 70, milt, spleen.
micht, might.
mill-capon, a poor person -who asks charity at mills from those who have grain grind­ing.
millermg, 273, dust of the mill.
min', mind.
min', minnie, mother, love, dear.
minged, 178, named, mentioned.
mintet, 385, took the direction or course.
mirk, dark.
monand, moaning.
moodie hill, 84, mole-hill.
morning-gift, the gift made a wife by her husband, the morning after marriage.
mun, must.
nee, nigh.
nicked of naye, 162, denied;
should he with naye. niost, next. nnrice, nurse.
o'erword, refrain.