Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 3 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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birk, birch.
birl, drink, pour out drink, ply
with drink. blanne, stopped. blee, complexion. bleid, blood. blint, blinded. bookin, bo'kin, bodkin, small
dagger. bookesman, clerk, secretary. bore, crevice, hole. borrow, ransom. bouer, chamber. boun, 334, go. boun, ready. bountith, bounties. boustouslie, threateningly. bout, boll.
bow, bole, two bushels. bower, chamber. bowne, ready. brae, hill-side. bragged, defied. braid letter, an open letter, or
letter patent. brash, sickness. brast, burst. braw, brave, handsome. breast, 44, make a horse
spring up or forward f brechan, tartan, plaid. brenne, burn. bricht, bright. brodinge, 176, pricking. bully, see billie. burd, lady. busk, dress, make ready; busk
on, put on for dress; buskit,
but and, and also.
can, used as an auxiliary with
the infinitive mood, to form
an imperfect tense. caneel, cinnamon. cannie, handily, gently. caps, 301, bowls. carle, churl; carline, feminine
of churl, old woman. carlish, churlish. chamer, chamber. chapp'd, rap, tapped. cheer, countenance. cheer, entertainment. chive, 290, mouthfuU f cleiding, clothing. close, enclosure. coble, boat.
coffer, coif, head-dress, cap i coft, bought. corbies, ravens. cosh, quiet. counsayl, secret. craps, tops. cryance, 177, apparently for
recreance, cowardice. cuist cavels, cast lots.
daigb, dough.
darna, dares not.
dawing, dawn; daws, dawns.
decaye, 132, destruction.
dee, die.
deemed, adjudged.
deid, death.
den, hollow, small valley.
descreeve, imparl.
dight, 174, prepared for.