Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 3 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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TC5~ Figures placed after wo they
rds denote the pages in which occur.
aboon, aboan, abune, above; 151, above the surface of the water.
ackward stroke, 84,178, crost or back stroke.
acton, a leather jacket worn under a coat of mail.
ae, only.
airts, quarters, points of the compass.
an, one; an ae, one single.
aneath, beneath.
anes, once.
asking, boon.
aughts, owns.
aukeward stroke, 178, 84, cross or back stroke.
auld son, 102. " Young Son and Auld Son are phrases used only to denote the comparative ages of chil­dren. The young son is per­haps the child now in the nurse's arms; the auld son, he who has just begun
to walk without leading-strings."— Chambers.
ava, of all; 287, at all.
avowe, vow.
ayont, beyond.
baffled, disgraced. bairntime, brood of children. bale-fire, bonfire. band, agreement. bane-fire, bonfire. bedeene, 247, immediately f
continuously ? bedight, furnished. beforne, before. belive, soon.
belly blind, 365, stone blind. ben,in. bent, a field where the coarse
grass so named grows. big, build; biggit, built. bigly, spacious, commodious. billie, comrade, brother, a term
of affection. binna, be not.