Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 2 of 8 from 1860 edition

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till, puff (of wind).
till, to, on.
tirled at the pin, trilled or rattled, at the door-latch, to obtain entrance.
tithe-, other.
tocher, dowry.
toomly, empty.
tow, rope.
triest, tryst, make an assigna­tion.
true, trow.
twain, part
twal, twelve.
twin,part; twinn'd, deprived, parted.
unco, unknown, strange.
virr, strength.
vow, interjection of surprise.
wad, would.
■wadded, wagered, staked.
wadding, wedding.
wae, waeful', sad, sorrow­ful
waked, watched.
walde, would.
wale, choice.
wambe, wame, womb.
wan, reached.
wand, wandie, bough, wand, stick.
wan na in, got not in.
wap, throw.
wappit, beat, fluttered.
warde, 35, advise, forewarn. Percy. vol. ii.                         26
wark, work.
warlock, wizzard.
warstan, worst.
warstled, wrestled.
wat, know.
water-kelpy, a malicious spirit thought to haunt fords and ferries, especially in storms, and to swell the waters beyond their ordinary limit, for the destruction of luck­less travellers.
wavers, 40, wanders.
wa'-wight,383, waled, picked, strong^men or warriors. See vol. vi. 220, v. 15.
wean, child.
wee, little.
weed, dress.
weir-horse, war-horse.
werne, were.
wha is aught, who is it owns.
whang, thong.
whaten, what.
wicht, strong, agile.
widdershius, the contrary way. round about.
wide, wade.
wight, strong, agile.
win, arrive, reach, come, get.
winna, will not.
■winsome, charming, attractive.
woe, sad.
won up, got up.
wood, mad; wood-wroth, mad with anger.
worth, be; wae worth you sorrow come upon you.
wow, alas.