Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 2 of 8 from 1860 edition

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linn, the pool under a cataract,
cataract. lith, joint.
lither, naughty, tricked. looten, let. loup, leap. lourd, liefer, rather. lotited, bent. louze, loosen. lykewake, watching of a dead
mae, more.
maene, moan, lamentation.
maist, 68, maistly, almost.
make, mate.
mane, moan.
maries, maids.
marrow, mate.
mat, may.
mann, must
maunna, may not.
may, maid.
meen, moan, lament.
message, messenger.
micht, might.
mind, remember.
mirk, murky.
mith, might.
Moll Syms, 359, a celebrated dance tune of the 16th cen­tury.
mools, the earth of the grave, the dust of the dead.
mot, may.
my lane, alone by myself.
niest, next. nourice, nurse.
oer, ower, over, too. ohon, alas. owsen, oxen. Owsenford, Oxford.
pa', pall, rich cloth.
Parish, Paris.
part, 151, separate from.
pat, pot
pearlin' gear, pearl ornaments.
pin, door-latch.
plat, plaited.
plea, quarrel
pot, a pool, or deep place, in a
river. prin, pin. propine, gift. putten down, hung.
qneet, quit, ancle. quhair, quhat, qtthy, &c, where, what, why, 4c.
rair'd, roared.
rare, tore off.
reavel'd, tangled.
rede, advice, advise; 263,
story. reest, roost. renown, [Bachan,] 169,
haughtiness t rigland shire, 331 ? rin, run.
ritted, routed, sirucn. riv't, tear it. row, roll. row'd, rolled.
sabelline, sable.