Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 2 of 8 from 1860 edition

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398                                     GLOSSARY.
haly, holy.
happit, covered.
hass, neck.
haud, hold; haud unthought lang, keep from ennui.
hause, neck.
head, behead.
healy, slowly, softly.
heght, promised.
her lane, herself alone.
herried, robbed.
hich, high.
hinny, honey.
hip, (he berry which contains Ihe stones or seeds of (he dog-rose.
hooly, slowly, gently.
how, ho !
hows, hollows, dells.
howket, dug.
huggell, huddle, cuddle.
huly, slowly.
intill, into, in. into, on. iwis, certainly.
jaw, 233, Wave. jawing, dashing. jimp, slender. jo, sweetheart. jollie, handsome. jow, stroke in tolling.
kell, caul, a species of cap, or net-work, worn by women as a head-dress.
kembe, comb; kembing, comb­ing.
kenna, know not; kentna,
knew not. kens, knows. kerches, kerchiefs. kilted, tucked up. kin, kind; a' kin, all kind. kist, chest. kitchey, kitchen. know, knoll. kye, cows. kythe, become, manifest.
laigh, low.
lain, alone; ye're your Iain, you are alone; hir lain, her alone.
lair, learning.
lane, alone; the same in com­bination with the pronouns my, his, her, its, <f c.
lap, leapt.
latten, let.
laucb, laugh.
laumer, 327, amber.
lave, rest.
lealest, truest, chastest.
lear, lore, lesson.
lease, leash.
lee, lonesome.
lee-lang, livelong.
lei, 132, lonesome.
len, lie.
lent, leaned.
let, stop, delay.
leuch, leugh, laughed.
lichtly, lightly.
lig, lie.
lighter, delivered.
limmers, strumpets

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