Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 2 of 8 from 1860 edition

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Lady Margerie was the first ladye
That drank to him the beer 0 ;                     10
And aye as the healths gaed round and round,
Laddy, ye 're welcome here O.
" You must come intill my bower, When the evening bells do ring 0;
And you must come intill my bower,                is
When the evening mass doth sing 0."
He 's taen four-and-twenty braid arrows,
And laced them in a whang 0 ; And he 's awa to Lady Margerie's bower,
As fast as he can gang 0.                                20
He set his ae foot on the wa',
And the other on a stane 0 ; And he 's kill'd a' the king's life guards,
He 's kill'd them every man 0.
" 0 open, open, Lady Margerie,                        as
Open and let me in 0; The weet weets a' my yellow hair,
And the dew draps on my chin O."
With her feet as white as sleet,
She strode her bower within 0 ;                   so
And with her fingers lang and sma',
She'» looten sweet Willie in 0.