Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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warsled, wrestled, struggled.
warwolf, werwolf, manwolf.
wat, wet.
wanght, draught.
wauking, walking.
waylawaye, alas..
wee, little.
weiest, 254, [Jamieson,] sat dest, darkest.
weird, fate.
weird, destine.
wend, weened.
wer, were, war.
wern, refuse.
werre, worse.
werryed, worried.
wesch, wash.
wete, weten, knowing.
whareto, wherefore.
wharfrae, whence.
whereas, where.
wi, with.
wicht, strong, nimble.
wide, 199, wade.
widershins, the contrary way, the way contrary to the course of the sun.
wide-whare, widely, far and near.
wierd, fate.
wight, strong, active, nim­ble.
wilder'd, carried astray.
win, go to, attain; win up, get up.
win, rescue.
wind blows in your glove, 67?
winna, will not.
wistna, knew not.
wit, know, knowledge.
wittering, information.
witti, intelligible.
wodewale, woodpecker.
woe, sad.
won, dwell.
wonige, 275, [adj. qy. won-ingV] dwelling.
wood, mad.
worth, 276, become, be the re­sult.
worthy, I were, 26, it would become me.
wow, exclamation of astonish­ment or grief.
wpe, up.
wrebbe, 98 ; wrebbe and wrye, turn and twist ?
wrought, 240, for raught, reached.
wrucked up, 240, thrown up.
wrye, 98, wrebbe and wrye, turn and twist ?
wud, wood.
wull, 253, wandering in igno­rance of one's course, lost in error, bewildered.
wylos, willows.
wyndouten, without.
wyne-berye, grape.
wysse, wise.
wyt, with.
wyte, 136, blame.
wyth, 276, wight, agile.
wytouten, without.
yard, staff. yat, that.